As you all know by now I have a mop of curly locks , and from time to time rather unruly curly locks at that. I can't explain how grateful I was to receive this fabulous treatment spray.

It smells like heaven and does great things to my hair ...

So here is what I thought ....

Packaging -
It comes as a light silver grey spritz bottle with fitted cap , the branding for the Instant Repair 7 range is in a brick red colour.
It is the perfect hand bag size at just 100ml.

Fragrance -
The fragrance is fresh, summery and slightly sweet  it  lingers in the hair. The Advance Techniques comes in a complete hair care range and should you use the entire range, the scent will definitely be noticeable in your hair.

Texture -
The texture is that of a slightly milky water and spritzes out in a fine mist. It is easy to use .

Efficacy -
This product has been amazing on my hair , especially when the ends have been rather dry. Just a little caution though ... Do not over spritz as this will leave your hair greasy and unmanageable ....
In this instance less is definitely more.

I am really loving using this product , it has helped tremendously with curl definition and dry ends. It is great to pop in your hand bag and keep  for those spontaneous touch up's and smooth downs.

Retails for ZAR 52.95
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