I recently got invited to attend the launch event of #PaintNite , an international concept that has now arrived in Cape Town.

The venue for our Paint Nite was to be the Forresters Arms in Newlands and the event was to run from 7pm to approximately 9pm (of course that is dependant on how much wine and conversation is flowing).

I invited a fellow blogger and good friend Sarah to go with me to this event , and what fun we had indeed. First course of action after a long day was food and wine. We decided to create our own bowl (in the old days pub grub , it would've been a snack basket) and we chose to sip on a glass of Rose.

We soon chose our spot , put our reserved signs on our cavases and proceeded to look around , check out what we were going to be painting and introduce ourselves to the hostess/artist for the evening Julie Anderson who will be running the Cape Town events.
Once we all had our 'nosh' and drinks we settled into our seats, we were guided through the 'course of events' and we also had to take the pledge ' to not give up , throw a tantrum and/or scream I can't do it'.
It is a fabulous event and night out, with much laughter as you are guided through discovering your inner 'Picasso' and translating it onto a canvas.
I must say the last laugh was on me, as I became the 'self-proclaimed' rebel. We were told we needn't stick to the colours, we could change it to suit what we like ... yes that's what I did AND I WAS THE ONLY ONE TO CHANGE THE COLOURS ....eeeeeeeeeeeep!

What made it worse was the fuss made over my painting drawing even more attention my way *she shrinks away* , but I loved the event and I had such fun.

Thank you Paint Nite and I am sure there will be many more ...

For more info:
Website : www.paintnite.com
Twitter: @PaintNiteSA
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PaintNiteSouthAfrica