Summer is a time of outdoors fun , friggin hot  warm sunshine and birds chirping in the trees , it's the beach , it's friends , it's family get togethers and splashing in the pool/surf.

Summer is also the season that rocks the salad , so why not up the ante ... be adventurous and take it up a notch?

Here sre so great ideas from the chefs at the African Pride Hotel Group ...


Summer is salad time and if you’re tired of the same-old, same-old there are simple ways to inject new 'sex appeal' into your leafy-mixes.

We asked two well-known chefs to give some tips on how to bring your salads up-to-date with some simple on-trend additions and combinations.

Hanroe Erasmus, African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel’s award-winning Executive Chef  suggests ....
'Give your dinner table or poolside chisa nyama some texture and don’t be afraid to mix and match non-traditional flavours'

Hanroe offers these tips for tastier crunch . . .
• Instead of complicated dressings use a variety of different natural oils to dress your salad. For example, when making an Asian-inspired salad, dress it with sesame oil.
• Don’t be afraid to use salad as a main course. Imagine a juicy pink cut of seared salmon on a bed of rocket.
• Seeds add nutritional value and delicious crunch.
• Rub your salad bowl with a clove of garlic before you put your salad in it. It adds subtle flavour.
• Fruits work very well in salads to add acidity and sweetness. Work with what is seasonable. Not only is that the kindest consumer choice, but it means you’ll be getting the fruit at its best.

Terrence Ford, Executive Chef at African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa suggests ...
'amping up the texture factor of your salads'

Here are Terrence's ideas on how to do this:
• It’s always a good idea to incorporate superfood ingredients like grains, berries, salmon and seeds. They add interest, texture and colour.
• When you’re going for vegetables in salads, don’t over-cook them and opt for those you can eat raw. Mange tout, broccoli and cauliflower work well in salads.
• Be clever with your dressings to cut down on oily, fatty dressings. For instance, instead of mayonnaise try Bulgarian yoghurt.
• More is more. There is such a variety of lettuce and other leaves, you can safely dispense with the old ice-berg-only tradition to add lots of colour to your bowl.

So as you can see the Chef's are into add a little spice , fun and crunch to the salad as we know it !

What's your salad secret?

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