Think back to your favourite childhood smell , how did it feel , how did it taste , what was around you? Close your eyes for a minute and just go back there ...

That is the power of smell , of living mindfully about what is around you and how it affects your mood , your personality and the atmosphere around you.

So today we are going to dicuss fragrant living on the move , more importantly in your car...

Whilst on the move we are often in a frenzy, rushing from one place to another and one meeting to another, this self-imposed pressure affects how we respond to unexpected events along the way and/or people who 'get in the way' of the destination. As humans we have programmed into our personal GPS (brain) a time, a place, any delays along the way often result is swearing , tempers flaring and road rage.

Fragrance in your car -
That is why I believe it is vital to fragrance you car, ensuring that you arrive at your destination focussed , calm and ready for your day.

My favourite means of fragrance for in the car is, this fabulous Fragrance Disc from RAIN (as in my picture). These retail for just ZAR69.00 and just keep going for ever as opossed to the artificial plastic supermarket air freshners for cars.

The disc I currently have in my car, has a lovely sultry and spicy aroma of 'SAFFRON & TANGERINE' however if this does not appeal to you, there are a variety of fragrances available.
What makes these discs truly unique is that they are made of porous clay , they are later soaked in perfume, and can be used in either your closet or your car.
All the clay discs have different ethnic inspired designs and are handmade by ladies trained within the local community (and in my opinion, they therefore exude love).

A great advantage is that once the fragrance has evapourated completely, you can either touch up with one of RAIN's preblended fragrances(a steal at ZAR 99.00) or alternatively blend your own unique fragrance with their fabulous essential oils.
My favourite blend for my car is blended for calming and concentration:
Rosemary, Lavender and Neroli

Essential oils in my opinion are 'the gift that keep on giving' , customise, play and create your own unique  fragrances or blends. We will cover this more in the series, the pure essential oils start from ZAR 70.00

So there you have it , you can fragrance your car beautifully and always arrive at your destination with a smile on your face .... let others stress in the traffic you just take a deep breath .....

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