It's Christmas time and nothing say Christmas more in South Africa than celebrating your festive table with some lovely finery from local brand Skinn Laminx.

I have lmg appreciated Heather Moore's beautiful designs and prints , coveting her soft material buckets and gorgeous throw pillows.

Here are a few festive ideas for your home this Christmas using Skinny Laminx ...

                                                SUMMERTIME CELEBRATIONS

Christmas dinner in the Southern Hemisphere should be light and fresh to suit a sunny day around the pool celebrating with friends and family of course it is still a special occasion, and a well-considered table setting will set the tone and create that festive atmosphere.

Create a sunny Christmas table setting with a table runner and napkins in Abacus, which has just been released in Sunshine yellow. After all who needs pine cones as a festive centrepiece when you can have a pineapple instead? ( cue the beach boys ...tee hee)
When setting the table, why not use Soft Buckets in the cheerful Pebble print for bread rolls, chocolates or other seasonal treats? Soft Buckets are also a great way to include live plants on the Christmas table, in the new Fronds or ZigZag print in the jazzy, summery Brazil colourway.

 Or even better , buy a few and use your soft bucket as a decorative planetr for your Christmas tree , talk about desiner Christmas ...
I just love Skinny Laminx and if you think it is as cute as I do , just visit them online and take a look at all the other prettiness avaliable for Christmas and don't forget the Christmas pressies ... yes a 'one stop shop'.

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