Preparing & Cooking time - 15mins min 1 hour for freezing
Serves 4

100ml Double Cream Yoghurt
50ml Cream
2 Tablespoons honey
50gr Coconut Flour
200ml Full Cream Milk
4 Tsp chocolate Hazelnut Spread

In a glass bowl mix together the yoghurt , cream , honey, coconut flour and milk. Set this mixture aside.

Inside the ice lollie mould spoon a teaspoon of Chocolate Hazelnut Spread into each and spread it around a little.
Now you can stir up the yoghurt mixture and pour into the moulds adding to them the ice lollie sticks and freeze for a minimum of 1 hour.

Serve just as they are.

Cooks notes -
You can easily exchange the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread with berry coulis/ Sweetened Granadilla Pulp for a fruity and milky treat that is super yummy.

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