I don't  know about you but I just cannot resist buying a treat for each of my kitties at Christmas time , they are after all my children.

This year Hills Pet Nutrition have me covered with their fabulous treats which they launched in the Ideal Balance Range earlier this year, better yet they have come up with some fab new flavours ...
The new Hill’s Ideal Balance treats are the ideal stocking-filler for your pet – combining the finest natural ingredients with perfectly balanced nutrition.

There are three varieties for dogs (recommended retail price R49 for 227g);

Picture it ....
  • Oven Baked Naturals with Turkey and Cranberries – for real Christmas flavour!
  • Oven Baked Naturals with Chicken and Apples
  • Soft Baked Naturals with Duck and Pumpkin

For cats  (recommended retail price R35 for 56.7g)
  • Delicious Crunchy Naturals Treats with Real Tuna
Sounds delicious doesn't it?

Hill’s Ideal Balance treats are available from veterinary outlets around South Africa.
For more information speak to your vet or contact Hill’s on 0800 228 783 toll free
email infoza@hillspet.com, visit www.idealbalance.co.za or #idealbalance.

PLEASE, don't neglect your pets during the festive season!!

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