So at last the wine industry has realized that us ladies are attracted to 'pretty things' so when it's time for a social get together, we would far rather walk in with a cute box of wine looking like a designer handbag rather than a huge bulky box.

Enter VIN CHIC ...

VIN CHIC is the party perfect wine, locally produced in the internationally acclaimed Robertson region, it comes packaged in what now looks far more glamorous (a handbag) and comes in three perfect options:

VIN CHIC natural sweet wine comes in three flirty varieties:

Alluring white is an elegant and crisp wine with hints of summer fruits on the palette. Its alcohol volume is a lighter-than-normal 11.5%, adding to its summer allure.

Delicate rose is a creamy wine that’s sat on red skins in oak barrels to create a fresh blush of berry undertones. Its alcohol volume is a breezy 7.5%.

Fiery red is as voluptuous as she sounds. Her opulence is rich, smooth and full-bodied with earthy tones on the palette. She weighs in at 13.5% alcohol volumAll VIN CHIC designer wines come in a party-perfect two litres.

Packaging -
Is a cute box which looks a lot like a play on a 'Louis Vuitton' handbag , it is cute , fun and feminine.

Taste -
Is a light sweet wine great served on ice or as a cooler with a dash of soda water and a few cherries ...yum! Perfect for the hot summer ahead.
I am not a huge drinker , but I am a fan of a refreshing drink at a party or braai and I love summer cocktails which have a little sweetness to them and VIN CHIC ticks both boxes.
Whilst this is not a product for the 'wine connoisseur' with her own built in cellar , it does have it place being a budget friendly, chic and a great summer socialising wine.

This sexy designer wine is brought to you by TNB; the local producer of popular party staples such as Kandi Cream Liqueurs, Ponchos coffee flavoured tequila, Sally Williams Finest Nougat Cream Liqueur and Carvo caramel and chocolate vodkas.

HOLD ON: *Did some one say Sally Williams Nougat Cream Liquer, swoon ..I die a little*

Nuno Fernandes VIN CHIC's Marketing Director had the following to say ...
“It is exciting for us to be bringing a fun and tasty wine product into the local market. Our extensive research tells us that ladies still prefer a good wine over spirits and we believe that VIN CHIC will meet both their flavour and fashion requirements ”

VIN CHIC is available at all local liquor stores and outlets and retails for a sexy ZAR 70.00

Function and beauty, check it out! ...

CHEERS ladies!

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**  RESPONSIBLE  DRINKING - no under 18yrs