#1 - take a black eyeliner pen and draw in your desired eyebrow shape over you actual eyebrow hair , ensuring that they are even and the same shape on both sides. You can use an eyebrow template for this too.

Here is a quick eyebrow shaping guide:

From the side of the nose, inside (inner corner) of the eye use an eye pencil and check that the eyebrow hair line is inline with the corner of your eye.
Place the orange stick/eye pencil where you see the line.
Make a mark if necessary.

From the side of the nose to the outside (outer corner) edge , lay your pencil and make a mark.

Now from the edge of the nose , move the top tip of the pencil to two thirds away from the inner corner ( this is called the high point) and make a mark.
This is the point at which you shaping and graduation should start towards the outer corner.

Once you have drawn in the eyebrows , you can now pluck , wax or tweeze all the hairs outside the area that you have drawn in.
#2 - If you are going to pluck the eyebrows , smear petroleum jelly over the areas to be plucked with a cotton bud. Using your tweezer you can now pluck in a sliding motion which ensure more hairs are plucked and no skin drag whilst doing this.

#3 - if you enjoy a more defined eyebrow and you are not achieving the look you require, use either an eyeshadow or eye pencil to colour in your eyebrows and give you a denser more defined look. ( please ensure you choose a colour that is as near to the colour of your brow hair/hair colour as possible.

#4 - If you are a 'no mess' kinda gal , did you know that you can have have your eyebrows tattooed on. It is called permanent make up, An anesthetic cream is used to numb the area whilst the brows are being tattoed by a qualified skin care therapist. You will need a minimum of 2-3 touch ups after the initial session.

#5 - Never , and I mean never shave your eyebrows! Shaving your eyebrows will result in short stumpy hairs regrowing , you may experience ingrown hairs and if anything you will stimulate more and thicker hair growth.

My advice is keep it neat and keep it natural.

Remember ladies the eyebrows are the frame of the face.

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