It is never easy to transition from winter to spring and then on into summer ... the days are never predictable and that leaves a serious fashion dilemma at hand ... well in my case anyway!

Here a few essential items which I think are great for transitiong seasons , adding a little colour and flair to te months ahead ... and wehat's even better they suit all your everday neutrals.

So let's unpack a little ...

Clothing - 
Blue Tunic Waterfall Top - available online at - PLUS SIZE
Yellow Chiffon Top - available online at - PLUS SIZE
Multicoloured Top - available online at - PLUS SIZE

** I have to share that I am super impressed with Spree as one of the only large e-commerce stores that stocks a full selection of Plus Size Fashion.

Shoes - 
Black pumps with piping from Zoom - available online at

Accessories - 
Geometric Scarf -available online at
Pastel Scarf - available online at
Dragonfly Pendants - available online at
Earrings - Cleopatra Black - available online at
Infinity Triple Stacker bracelets -

Make-Up - 
Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One , shine free cake powder - available at all major retailers and stockists

Fragrance - 
Guerlain Coq D 'Or Shimmer Powder -  This is a new and fulous looking fragrance just recently launched by Guerlain

Hair Products -
Redken Curvaceous Conditioner - available online at

So there you have it , as you can see there may never be enough time to browse but shop a girl will do!

 Disclosure Ranking 5 - (Please refer to my disclosure ranking in the side bar