When you hear hair colour , it is seldom that you would think buttercream right?
Well it's time to change your thinking!

Revlon have just released a fabulous new range of hair colours,  not only do they colour but they actually treat and repair the hair whilst it is being coloured  ....

Too good to be true?
Believe it!

Revlon Butter Cream Colour features the following TRIPLE BUTTER COMPLEX to hydrate , repair and restructure the hair
- Mango butter - to nourish
- Shea butter - to hydrate
- Coconut butter - to condition

I was fortunate to get a colour or two sent to me for testing. Never one to adventure alone, I soon invited a close friend to join me in trying out these new formula hair colours.

I chose to colour my hair a light brown,as I have been trying to tone down the blonde highlights a little and I was super impressed by the smell the feel and the texture of this product on my hair, here are my thoughts ...

Packaging -
It comes standard in a hair colour box with the attractive band indicating the TRIPLE BUTTER COMPLEX and the name embellished in gold foil print.
Included in the kit comes the standard  1 x colour base , 1x colour activator with applicator bottle , 1 x instruction sheet college with gloves attached , 1 x conditioning treatment sachet.

Fragrance -
Surprisingly this hair colour had not a hint of 'hair colour smell' , but rather a soft and gentle perfume. It is important to note that this hair colour is ammonia free and thus there are no hectic fumes.

Texture -
The hair colour has a new and revolutionary drip free formula which makes it super easy to apply ... No mess ... No fuss! The post colour conditioner was super thick and buttery and yet it smoothed and softened without coating the hair.

Efficacy -
The colour is super effective , it covers well , does not over bleach and it definitely leaves the hair feel hydrated and in better condition than before the colour application. We tested both the blonde and the light brown and found both to deliver on their promise. I was super impressed on the colour and tone of the blonde on my friends hair and so was she ... So much so that she actually took a photo of the box to ensure she gets the correct colour for herself next time.

Here you can see the before and after pics that took when doing the application of blonde on her hair ... It's impressive for sure.


My friend who was my model on the day had been to the hairdresser about 6 weeks prior , the hairdresser had given her quite a dramatic colour change which resulted in a rather brassy looking tone...
the Revlon Luxurious Coloursilk Buttercream sorted the yellow tone out in a jiffy ... see for yourself ...

You can purchase these hair colours at all major retailers as they launched in September , let me know what you think?

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