I am not a sun worshiper in the least if anything I hide from the sun and as a result it goes without saying that self- tan is one of my summer essentials.
My trouble however has always been finding a product that applies smoothly and evenly without making yellow, blotchy and uneven alien looking skin.

I have found the solution , you can thank me later  ...


Packaging -
A bronze-brown coloured metal spray can with spray applicator and opaque plastic cap with a large area for the finger making it easy to apply long and continued pressure for an even tan.

Fragrance -
To me it has the smell of like warm and slightly burnt sugar , very pleasant and not ver powering. It does however contain Manoi Tahitian Coconut Oil which maybe partly to blame for the rich undertones of this spray.

Texture -
It is a light even mist which applies evenly if you use it in sweeping motions up and down the body. I found it easy to apply even on my own and despite my lack of flexibility and size ... Yes brown fat does look better than white fat!

Efficacy -
This product is super effective and gives just the right amount of colour without being too bronze or too yellow. The product washes off gradually if you do not touch up , if you do touch up concentrate on areas of least colour first.

Product Application -
- Exfoliate skin before hand for best application
- Spray quickly and evenly onto clean, dry skin with the can positioned about 10cm away from spray area.
- smooth in easily with the palm of your hand if necessary.
- use daily until desired tan is achieved and 2-3 x per week thereafter to main

What you might like to know ...
Results should be seen immediately after application
This product has a cumulative effect on the skin
Contains Manoi Tahitian Coconut Oil
This self tan takes only 1-2hours to develop into a full tan

Will I be buying this product again ... YES!

I will be using it all summer ...

For more info contact:
LOCAL (SA) - www.tropitone.co.za
Available at all large retail stores in SA

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