This Shea and coconut body butter is possibly the most delicious smelling and decadently rich body product I have ever used, as you'll remember I am no stranger to body butters and  I have reported on many others
(read more) , however this little black tub truly takes the cake for me.


So here is what I thought ...

This body butter come packaged in an easy to hold black screw top tub with quite a large foot print making it stable on surface s and easy to hold. The label is retro- vintage with a variety of type faces which are reminiscent of an apothecaries medicine chest.

There is the tangerine oil which is contained in this product along with the seed oils that give it a zesty and citrusy smell to it , i must be honest and say it is quite strong and almost takes my breath away on application , however it does soften after some time leaving a lovely warm citrusy smell. This would go great with fragrances such as Clinique's HAPPY

Is rich , buttery and slightly sticky ( I am sure this is from the aloe Ferox), the product itself is a soft almost translucent blam with a milky yellow tinge, it smoothes over the skin easily and a little goes a long way.

It is super buttery , rich and creamy almost looking like a soft butter. It disappears into the skin almost immediately and leaves a slight tackiness on the skin for an hour or so (I am sure this is partly due to the aloe Ferox)  either way I personally don't mind it and I am smitten with this product.

What does it contain?
Tangerine Oil
Jojoba Oil
Shea Seed Oil
Coconut Oil
Sesame Seed Oil

I would recommend this product to anyone , it has a wealth of organic ingredients which are all combined to give your skin a major moisture boost. I gave a friend of mine the opportunity to use this on a weekend away ... and I know for a fact she is just as smitten as I am.

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