I was recently spoilt with a set of skin care products from Dermaceutic to test and try out and what you need to understand about Dermaceutic is that they are a cosmeceutical skin care brand, meaning that they have super active products that work on a far deeper level than your average drugstore beauty or off-the-shelf beauty product.
So here is what I thought ...

Firstly my regime comprised of four products:
- Foamer 5 ( purify) - cleanser
- C25 Cream ( prevent) - day cream
- Light Ceutic ( stimulate) - night cream
- Hyal Ceutic (restore) - for additional moisture

Foamer 5
This is a brand new product to the range ,it is so easy to use with it's pump action foaming. You pump and get your deposit of foam , spread it over your face , whilst working it with the finger tips ... Rinse and et viola! You have just cleansed and mildly exfoliated all in one step.

I personally did not find this product to sting at all , it was fast , easy and effortless and what's even better is there are no added fragrances , just a slight acidic smell from the Glycolic acid.

C25 Cream
I seem to have a love hate relationship with Vitamin C and my skin , it always takes a minimum of 1 week for my skin to adjust and once agin settle down, however once it has I find that my skin is far brighter and more radiant when using vitamin C. This is a gel cream textured product which in my case got slurped up in seconds by my skin ... This is why I had the additional moisturiser.

Light Ceutic

This is a slightly heavier cream than the C25 , it also is higher in Glycolic and phytic  acid which allows the product to work deeper and stimulate more whilst you sleep. I must say this product is super effective.

Hyal Ceutic

This cream for me was love at first application .... The texture is AHMAZING ! And my skin says thank you everytime I use it. It is jam packed with hyaluronic acid , aloe Vera and jojoba ... Yes folks it's like a 'green smoothie' for the skin.

Over all I have really enjoyed using and trying the Dermaceutic products , my skin has responded well to them , however it is important to emphasize that you need to phase in your active cosmeceutical products if you have never used these before or else you skin will be over stimulated and break out!

I love the super convenient and eSy to use packaging of matte plastic pumps ( airless) with caps , they are great on the shelf and for travel and with the colour coded bands you will always know which product is which at a glance.

For more info:
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Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Dermaceutic
Twitter: @DermaceuticSA
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