So I have to confess I finally caved to the Baby Lips craziness and yes I can understand why it is fast becoming a cult product with a rather large and ever growing following.

I did however rebel and wait for a freind from overseas to bring me one of the new BABY LIPS ELECTRO in Strike A Rose ( and yes you can win too - click here).

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The packaging is super nifty , pretty to look at in it's neon pink-ness. The fact that it looks like a lipstick makes it a super little number to put in your bag when you don't feel like wearing real lipstick.

Also great is the fact that it comes in a tamper proof package , no nasty germs hanging around.

Fragrance - 
Is fruity , fresh and a mix of tropical smells ... hmmm a little like a citru tango it!

Texture - 
The texture is amazing , it glides on in a super smooth and slick film and deposits just the right amount of colour. I love that this is a lip balm but can be mistaken for a soft lipstick.

Efficacy - 
I found it great to apply my lips really enjoed the feel of it as well as the initial moisture burst, however I can't say I agree with the 8hr moisture claim. I found my lips felt okay but noy hydrated or moist and I did find I was tempted to continuously reapply to get the slip on my lips.
I think that is why I prefer lipglosses, I like to feel the hydration on the surface.

They claim:
In clinical trials the following was documented:
88% had smoother lips
82% had less dry lips
70% had more supple lips
83% had better-looking lips
** Instrumental Test : self assesment on 105 women

Would I buy this again , definitely and I do have another to test and try without colour. These are budget friendly and great as an alternative to Vaseline , Zambuk and/or Labello.

This product is available at slected CLICKS stores.

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