I love fragrances , I love warm , sugary , buttery and/or fresh watery , fruity and happy fragrances ... but every now and then a sultry , full bodied , seductive fragrance catches my eye and draws me in ....

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
An exotic gold and black box , simple and elegant which carries through to the simple glass bottle with a black wooden lid which again all have simple clean lines ... elegant sophistication.

This packaging leaves the statement and impact to the fragrance.

Fragrance - 
This is such a beautiful and seductive fragrance that has a rich and deep heart to it. I love that intially the fragrance smell s very eastern and exotic on my skin and slowly evolves to a lovely soft cashmere and feminine fragrance.

This fragrance has become a firm favourite on the days that I feel bold , confident ... 'I am woman here me rawrrr' kinda days.

Durability - 
This fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and thus has a higher fragrance concentration giving it much more staying power than an Eau de Cologne.

I have found that I had often forgotten about the fragrance I sprayed on myself earlier in the day and then the breeze would change ... I would get a whiff and think 'oh yes' I'm wearing that perfume today!

What you might like to know ...
Top Notes -  the exotic citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin 
Middle Notes - 
the opulence of jasmine and rose

Base Notes - the mysterious sensuality of cashmere and vanilla.

Justine have a fabulous launch special on in their catalogue so don't miss out ...
ZAR 249.00 (normally ZAR 425.00)

For more info:
Twitter: @JustineSAfrica

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