If you know me well , you will know that I am a 'water junkie' when it comes to cleansing and as such my routine generally consists of cleansing milks , foaming cleansers and gel washes.
( yes I have all 3 don't judge me )

I recently read a few international reviews on Micellar waters and then came across this Garnier one in a YouTube video by Chantelle and Luzanne. I was busy doing my shopping list for a UK haul and so I dutifully added it as a must have and actually I'm quite glad I did.

Micellar waters are supposed to be all in one cleansers that require no rinsing afterwards which to me is a thought to horrible to contemplate .. I may however be starting sway ...just a little.

So here is what I thought ....

Packaging -
Is a transparent plastic bottle with a pink flip top cap. The flip to cap is fabulous, it allows just the right amount of flow, allowing you to soak your Cotton wool pads in a flash.
The label is a combination of white and pink with black print with the green emblem.

Fragrance -
This is a fragrance free product and yet one of the ingredients do have a slight 'soft' smell.

Texture -
It is a transparent liquid with the same consistency as water. It is colourless and relatively odorless.

Efficacy -
It took four cotton wool pads to cleanse my face completely with no trace of make up visible on the cotton wool pads.
My skin was soft , slightly tacky and tingly as the liquid evaporated and my skin dried. I applied my evening product and went to sleep ( too my shock my skin looked normal in the morning (yes I was secretly imagining an explosion of breakouts) , so you will survive an occasional no rinse night ladies)

I must say that I am loving this product , I still lean towards my favourite ( Filorga) but at a push would happily substitute it with this Garnier MIcellar Cleansing Solution.
It is a budget friendly option and I sure hope it hits the SA shores soon.

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