As you all know by now I love a product that is super active on my skin , one that I can actually feel working. Recently I've been chatting to a few of my younger friends who don't yet need the intense activity of a cosmeceutical but in my eyes they should start phasing them in .... Why? To prevent premature ageing , after all prevention is better than cure!

Dermaceutic is a fabulous brand of active cosmeceutical products originating from Ireland and you can really feel them working on your skin.

Today I want to share their brand new cleanser ... which I have already fallen in love with , even though initially my skin got quite flakey.

DERMACEUTIC - FOAMER 5 (Gentle exfoliating cleansing foam)
So here is what I thought ...

The packaging is Dermaceutic's typical white pump with  banded colour labels to  indicate their use and treatment action , in this instance PURIFY. It is easy to use and functional and comes boxed in a white box with the same minimalist look and colour banded label.

Is quite acidic in smell with a sour-ish after smell , typical of the Glycolic acid .

Is a water liquid that get whipped into a foam by the action of the pump. It is by no means a dense foam and two pumps are more than adequate to cover my enter face and décolleté are.

This little number is deceiving in how effective it is at sloughing off all the dead skin and refining the texture of the skin. I found after using this cleanser for one week that I had light flaking of the skin on my lip , brow and nose areas.

This product contains 5% Glycolic Acid which is great.

I must mention it was never uncomfortable or obvious unless you knew about it. My skin looks amazing , the pores are refined and the texture is far smoother than before. I love it.

I have been trying out a full routine of Dermaceutic products at the moment and I must be honest and say that this has been one of the truly 'stand out' products which is unique , active and super effective.

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