As you well know by now THE BODY SHOP is an all time favourite indulgence of mine , one that I can't always afford but show me a sale and all resistance crumbles ..tee hee.

Here is one of my purchases I made on the last sale and now I am definitely lusting after their Argan range ....sigh!

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
Is the standard body shop clear PET bottle with flip top cap. I love that it is chunky enough to hold in your hand without it slipping out of your hands in the shower and the flip top saves having to look for bottle tops in the shower.

Fragrance -
It's a fabulous tropical smell which I wouldn't quite say is papaya alone, it smells like a summer vacation in a bottle ... Bring on the Caribbea! ... hmm Pina Colada sure would taste great about now.

Texture -
It is a fairly runny , medium viscosity shower gel which is amber in colour , a little goes a long way and I love to use mine on a net sponge and or exfoliating gloves . It is important to not that this is not a product which is high in surfactants and therefore it does not lather up to loads of bubbles, as your normal drugstore shower gel would.

Efficacy -
I love how this shower gel just leaves a hint of summer on your skin , your body is clean without being stripped.

I am enjoying this bottle of shower gel but don't think I would buy this fragrance again, I am still too much of a creamy buttery kinda smell girl.

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