Sometime back there was literal bombardment of The Body Shops Honeymania products and for a few weeks all you heard and saw on Twitter and Facebook were reviews of The Body Shops  Honeymania.

I watched from afar unable to join in the frenzy at the time , but not wanting to miss out I bought myself a small tube of the Honeymania Hand Cream at their next sale.

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
The packaging is a cute silver foil tube with the yellow Honeymania branding printed over it and a black screw top lid.
I love the vintage looking the but I am not crazy about the lid as it is very difficult to put back on once your hands are full of cream.

Fragrance -
Is a very sweet and rather heady fragrance which does not suit my skin , it tends to become overly sweet and overly floral. This is not fe me but as with most fragrances it is a personal choice.

Texture -
The texture is light and airy but at the same hydrating (almost like a gel cream). The product itself is a medium weight cream in a opaque white colour.

Efficacy -
It is great for short term comfort and hydration but I cannot in all honesty say it had a long lasting impact on my dry hands. The fragrance lasts all day so be sure to try before you buy.

Would I buy this cream again? 
No, purely because the fragrance and I are not compatible ... I have however used the Almond Hand Cream before and loved it.

This product retails for ZAR 50.00 (30ml tube)

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