Call me silly , call me young at heart , call me whatever you wish ...all I know is that when I recently received the prettiest little pink bottle of Hello Kitty perfume from Avn I could not part with it.

If I could describe what pink happiness smells like ... then this is it!

                                                AVON - HELLO KITTY PERFUME - 50ml
So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
This comes in a pretty pink box with the Hello Kitty design on it in white and once you open the box it is the most precious pink bottle with a white lid. It has the cutest white Hello Kitty design holding a perfume bottle.

It is simple in design, pretty and yet perfect for a young girl or like me ... a young girl (woman) at heart.

Fragrance -
The fragrance is light , sweet and fresh. It has definite candy , fruit and floral notes to it. This fragrance is however designed for young girls and therefore is lighter than an adults fragrance.

Durability -
The fragrance I found lasted about 4 hrs on my skin which is actually quite good for an Eua de Cologne fragrance.

This fragrance is truly girly , sweet , a little like candy , flowers and pretty clouds of happiness ... I love it and yes even as I woman I would buy again as a summer fragrance. A friend of mine aptly described as ..
'If you could givens colour pink a smell ... This would be it!' ... So true.

You might like to know:
Top note:  raspberry
Middle note: gardenia
Base note: vanilla

For more info:
Avon / Justine SA

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