A little while back Elizabeth Arden launched a lovely new fragrance called Untold I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few samples and I thought it was the most divine fragrance I had ever smelled ... That was until today!

Avon have just launched the most feminine and seductive fragrance and I am head over heels in love with it.
It is definitly from the same fragrance category/ family as Untold but LUCK has an advantage ... It is an Eau de Parfum and it is super budget friendly at just ZAR 370.

Maria Sharapova is the celeb face of this fragrance and she exudes the beauty , elegance and sophistication that is LUCK.

AVON LUCK - Eau de Parfum

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
This is the most elegant and sophisticated bottle which has a bottle with a quilted impression , whilst an soft gold bow sits perched perfectly atop the bottle , it is simpl but beautiful and looks gorgeous in any light.

Fragrance -
Is soft , creamy , sweet and decadent .. To me it's almost like you just can't get enough. It has lovely fresh citrus notes but it's the creamy undertones that shine through and tantalize the tastebuds and tickle the nostrils ... continuously creating Andes for more... And more ... And more!

Durabilty -
Being an Eau de Parfum is a definite plus for me as I find this perfume lasts all day on me and sometimes when need be well into the night. I enjoy wearing it both day and night and I can honestly tell you that this is my new favourite and is going to take some beating....heck I even had a cashier stop me and ask me what I was wearing ...her jaw legally dropped when I said Avon Luck ... She couldn't believe a budget friendly fragrance could smell like a couture fragrance... And yes it does!

*** this month AVON have a launch special for the Avon LUCK 50ml Eau de Parfum , 150ml LUCK Body Lotion and 75 ml LUCK Body Spray for only ZAR 259

What you might like to know ...
Top Notes : Sparkling Citrus
Middle Notes : Luscious berries and Creamy white florals
Base notes : Warm Sandalwood

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