A little while back my Aunt was given a loaf of banting bread to try out and test , she had given up banting and thought she would pass it on to me to see what I thought of it so here goes...

 This bread is a dense bread that is easy to cut , but has a rather short shelf life , I recommend cutting your loaf into slices and freezing it ... convenient and practical.

 I even found creative ways of serving this bread which has definite seed flavours and a slight bitterness ( not unpleasant at all) to it due the linseed/flaxseed flour used.

I toasted my slices in the toaster ( it takes two toasting sessions) and then I spread my slices with butter , honey and sprinkled some coconut flakes on top ... this is super delicious for breakfast ...#nomnomnom

The AF Kitchen specialise in special dietary breads and the the Banting Seed Bread is a new addition for more info contact:

The place is called 'The Allergy Free Kitchen" Specialising in Gluten and Wheat Free Products.
email: Simone@theallergyfreekitchen.co.za   Tel 021 448 0774 or cellphone: 0721236630

Retails for approx ZAR 45 - 55 / loaf

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