Banting is the buzz word these days and has literally caused a dieting revolution, the fact remains however that many stick to the same foods and forget how yummy this way of eating can be.

Here is part 3 of 3 #banting inspired recipes I will be sharing this week , these recipes have been developed by Executive Chef Terrence Ford of African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa  to inspire your inner chef and tantalise your tastebuds.

Delicious recipe ideas to save for later as Christmas is just around the corner ...

Beef Fillet, Béarnaise and Mushroom

·        500g Beef fillet
·        50g Sugar
·        50g Salt
·        Béarnaise sauce
·        Mushroom puree
·        exotic mushrooms

1.      Mix the sugar and the salt together to make a curing salt
2.      Dust fillet with curing salt, wrap in cling film and leave in the fridge overnight for approximately 12 hours
3.      Smoke the fillet in a commercial smoker for 5 minutes
4.      Place fillet in the oven at 72˚C for 30 minutes
5.      Remove fillet from over and slice into 2cm thick slices
6.      To Plate: 

· Place sliced fillet on plate and garnish with béarnaise sauce, mushroom puree and exotic mushrooms

Béarnaise Sauce
-         ¼ cup of fresh tarragon leaves, chopped
-         2 shallots, finely chopped
-         ¼ cup of tarragon vinegar
-         ¼ cup of dry white wine
-         3 egg yolks
-         500g of clarified butter
-         Salt and pepper

1.      In a small saucepan make the béarnaise reduction by combining the tarragon, shallots, vinegar and wine over medium-high heat
2.      Bring to a simmer and cook until it has reduced by half
3.      Remove from the heat and set aside to cool
4.      Blend egg yolks and the  béarnaise reduction
5.      with the blender still running, add 1/3 of the butter in a slow, steady stream
6.      once it emulsifies, turn the blender up to high and add the remaining butter
7.      season with salt and pepper

Mushroom Puree
-         500g button mushrooms, washed and finely sliced
-         50g shelled walnuts
-         1 shallot, chopped
-         30g of cream
-         100g of butter
-         Salt and pepper

1.      Melt the butter in a saucepan and brown the shallot
2.      Add the mushrooms and walnuts to the saucepan
3.      once slightly browned, blend the entire mixture until smooth
4.      add cream and mix well
5.      sprinkle with shelled walnuts

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