RecentlyI have been trying out a few Mio products and I have been super impressed at the activity level and/or strength of the product as well as at the unique and impressive way in which they approcah beauty , women and life ... all with a little pinch of humour I might add.

Mio Skincare will be celebrated by the International SPA Association (ISPA) at the upcoming 2014 ISPA Conference & Expo with an ISPA Innovate Award. The ISPA Innovate Award is given to spa industry leaders with innovative and successful spa-related initiatives.

Jill Dunk, Co-Founder will represent Mio Skincare at the 2014 ISPA Conference & Expo, focusing on Mio’s unique spa product, Liquid Yoga restorative bath soak.
"We are thrilled that Liquid Yoga and Mio Skincare are resonating with the spa industry,” said Jill Dunk, co-founder of Mio Skincare and the Mama Mio line of pregnancy products. “As the creators of the first premium skincare line for pregnant clients, we are committed to developing products that focus on results. Liquid Yoga was created to tackle stress, insomnia and muscle fatigue to re-mineralize, detox and energize body and soul. It is the ideal take-home product to continue the spa experience.”

This product is an absolute treat and I know it is my 'go to' product when stressed , over tired and even when my menstrual cramps become unbearable.

ISPA President Lynne McNees said ...

“Innovation is the driving force behind growth in the spa industry , recognizing the innovation that is occurring within ISPA’s membership will encourage and inspire future ideas.” 

We look forward to many more luxurious treats in the future.

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