Hi lovely ladies, it has been a while since my last post, but I am back with some added inspiration!!

LACE to me has always seemed so formal and out-dated, but fashion has once again proven me wrong! 
(yes, I can admit that).
Lace has remained as one of the most timeless romantic, elegant and very feminine looks.

But I want to mix it up a bit as I usually do and debunk the myth that LOVELY LACE can only be worn at night to formal and rather stuffy affairs!!   

Let me tell you or better yet show YOU how, the key to pulling off the day time 'LOVELY LACE' look is, to keep it simple and basic with a few key pieces…..

Here we go….. (In no particular order of course) I must make an effort to change this in future!!

These cute coral Lace shorts from the GOLDEN DAYS collection available on www.zando.co.za  are 'perfecto' for a long lazy summer day. 
Pair it with a white tank from Mr Price and these stunning and totally on trend Espadrilles from Witchery.  

On a personal note, I haven’t worn shorts in a “few years” not sure I'd have the courage to try!!!  
But ladies if YOU DO ROCK those tiny shorts please ROCK them with me in Mind!!

This mint inspired LACE, fun and flirty dress is from LEGIT (which by the way is so well priced) where it is easy to pick up some great finds to suit your pocket!! 
I thought it would be fun to mix it up and accessorize with these stunning colourful bracelets from TESSA DESIGN (www.tessadesign.co.za). I like how they kinda clash with the mint dress, but that’s what makes it stand out for me!!    
They are going to be far more noticable eliminating the need to wear any other pieces…. 
(WELL, at least I don’t think so anyway?)

Don’t all LAUGH at once!! The BODYSUIT IS BAAAAAACK!  
I have seen it in one too many shops now, take my word for it!!   
Hmmmm, I was quiet nostalgic when I saw it as it was in fashion when I was a teenager and I had to have one or two………. regardless of the inconvenience it caused when heading to the ladies room……….    
ANYWAY IT IS BACK and I personally think this black one, with a lace insert from Mr Price is really pretty and great with these cut off WOOLIES denim shorts! (Clearly I have short envy).  
Add a pop of lumo to the mix with these LACE PUMPS (also from Mr Price) and off you GO!!

The weather can get up to no good even when it’s SUMMER! I therefore always ensure I  have one or two thin fabric, long sleeve tops to throw on!  
I am in love with this 'tye dye' shirt with a lace heart in the middle. This can be bought from the newly launched NICCI online store, (www.nicci.co.za)  pair it with skinny white jeans from the RE collection at WOOLWORTHS for a fresh SUMMER casual look and step into the ever popular cross over sandal! 
My choice is this one is from Country Road.

Now lovely ladies, LACE worn in the night makes a totally different statement! One of glamour and elegance. Where accessories need be understated and simple. 
The Lace speaks for itself!

HERE are a few examples... GREAT for this time of year when YEAR END work functions and Cocktail Parties need to be attended!!

I am blown away by our local talented designers and the showcases of their work such as these two gorgeous dresses, which can be found online at the new addition to Spree... 
The Spree Boutique.   
It features 'one of a kind designs' and 'top quality fashion garments' by leading SA DESIGNERS such as Gert Johan Coetzee, Kluk CGDT, Marianne Fassler and Thula Sindi. 

These TWIST  White on black and black on white lace detailed dresses are from the VERY talented THULA SINDI. GO TO WWW.SPREE.CO.ZA.  You will really be amazed as I was, by this new and AFFORDABLE RANGE!!

 x x x