It's that time again can you believe it ... Friday I sure am glad you're here but goodness you came fast.

So let unpack this weeks favourites ...

Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Cake Powder ...
I just love this product as a quick fix in my handbag , it's affordable , applies in a flash and is super smooth and delicate. The best part's a bargain at under ZAR80 and looks pretty too.

Justine LUXE liquid eyeliner
I am not particularly great with liquid eyeliners, but what I love about this one is that it has what is almost like a 'felt tip'. It glides on easily , dries quickly (important when impatient like me) and gives a good solid colour deposit.

Karen Murrell lipsticks
This is my favourite summer 'Coral' colour and I just love the cinnamony smell , the fact that there are 'no nasties' and that even the packaging is recycled/able is an added bonus for sure.

Dermalogica's Ultracalming Mist
This is great to set your make up and even more so to just freshen up during the day... with it's lavender scent it has the added benefit of being quite relaxing .....ahhhhhh!

Lipidol Shower Oil
I know that this product is most probably not everyone's cup of tea , I love how it leaves my skin feelin and I love the added hydration after my shower when my skin isn't feeling all dried up. For me this is a treat and again it is super budget friendly being under ZAR80.

So there you have it folks , I hope you have enjoyed. 

Have a super weekend  and don't forget there are still post on the weekend.

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