I am sure somedays you must think 'surely she gets tired of all these products' ..
urhm well no sorry I don't!
Beauty is my passion and has been for nearly 22 years now and I really do consider myself  fortunate to be able to share all the fabulous goodies I get to try and test.

So this weeks picks are what I am calling my Spring Collection , I hope you enjoy ...

Avon LUCK Eau de Parfum
To say that this is heavenly is an understatement , this fragrance is slightly sweet with warm undertones of vanilla and sparlink fresh top notes. I love this fragrance from the minute I apply it until the time I go to bed ... this is love! Don't miss out as they have a fabulous special offer running in their brochure this month!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
This is not Dermalogica's top seller for nothing, I love using this product at change of seasons, it helps refine my pores, it removes rough and dead skin and evens out my skin tone. If you have never tried this you do not know what you have been missing!

Filorga Skin Structure
This is a splurge product for us over 35yrs ladies , it contains a boost of hyaluronic acid , the Filorga NCTF complex and loads of other actives. This little number plumps , lifts and fills in areas, so that you are left with a youthful content skin. A heads up, for those who have 'turkey neck' this little bottle is a miracle for the neck and/or decollete area, I should know it's taken care of my sleeping wrinkles on my chest.

Garniers 5 Sec Blur ( not in SA until 2015)
This little tube is a budget friendly primer that can either be used on it's own (not for my high colour) or as a primer under your make up (clearly how I am using it). I find that my make up applies beautifully and lasts a little longer than usual.

NYX -Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee
This little number was given to me by a really good friend , she knows me well ( and she should we are born on the same day) and it is a real treat. I love it from the colour, which is a variant on nude/natural, to the smell which is a buttery vanilla ... to the lovely creamy texture.
It is such a pity NYX does not sell this individually in SA.

So there you have my Spring collection to boost , treat , and restore my skin as it get's ready for the onslaught of sun protection that comes with summer and a pale faced person such as I.

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