About two weeks ago I got to attend the launch of Sugar Plum Boutique with my friend Fi , she was MC'ing the event and I was the dedicated GPS for the drive.

We set off an a rainy Cape Town afternoon, to the the other side of the universe otherwise known as Fish Hoek (relax I grew up there , but from Table View it is the other side of the world) and eventually two hours later we arrived thanks to the traffic.

Sugar Plum Boutique is a quaint little boutique dress shop cum coffee shop which features fabulous organic , natural, sugar free and wheat free treats by IN ALL HONESTY ... The brownies ...TO DIE FOR!

The focus of their product is food that is good for you.

SUGAR PLUM BOUTIQUE has some lovely clothing and many of the ladies scooped up their favourites .... Nope I was not far behind. In a corner there were two vintage suitcases filled with sale items and I quickly spotted a fabulous striped black and white stretch knit full length dress
( ideal for my birthday the next day) and only ZAR 100 ... Yes it went home with me and I love it!

As if that weren't enough SUGAR PLUM are adjacent ( sharing an entry way) to a hair salon ' extraordinaire'. I have never seen so many amazingly beautiful hair cuts ... All on trend and from the conservative to the extravagant at THE CUTTING ROOM hair salon

The boutique dress shop also features the most fun and fashionable costume jewellery by THE JOURNEY STORE featuring the current trends of geometric patterns , skulls and owls to name but a few.

There were plenty of pieces on sale and I was eyeballing two of the cutest owls, when we were told the pieces with a gold sticker were only 38 ZAR ... I let out shriek of joy and grabbed both owls as I spotted the stickers gleaming on the tags, leaving many around me green with envy (sorry not sorry).
As if that weren't enough to rob you of your rands ...
You need to check out their stunning acrylic make-up and/ or jewellery storage boxes , both Fi and I were eyeballing the mini Pluie stand for lipsticks and lip brushes .. Alas I was strong but Fi succumbed and is now proud owner of one of these little beauties ..
To see what I am on about you can visit their online jewellery store and shop to your hearts content.

I love that there are still businesses that are sharing resources , teaming together and serving ALL their clients needs in one space rather than trying to outdo each other ... you guys rock!

For more info check out the following:
Sugar Plum - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sugar-Plum/127042597332137

The Journey Store - www.thejourneystore.co.za 
Facebook and Instagram.

The Cutting Room - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cutting-Room/160412927347460

In all honesty - https://www.facebook.com/inallhonestyblog    email taryn@inallhonesty.co.za.

Go on spoil yourself I know you want to ...