Burst Studio's were one of the sponsors at my first ever blogger meet , we each recieved a 'stipple brush' in our goodie bags and honestly gals there has been no going back.

I have to be honest and say I entered Lipglossed Ninja 's (now known as Lately Lauren) to win a full set and alas I never did win ...sigh!

But the good news is, I have my stipple brush and would seriously do bodily harm to anyone who might try and take it.

The benefits of these make -up brushes as I have experienced with mine is as follows:
- minimal shedding
- great density
- easy to use
- easy to wash (shampoo gals)
- quick to dry
- super versatile
- long lasting

You can seriously see why I love mine .... anyhoo ....

Burst Studio are launching 9 NEW Make-Up brushes this month , along with a few other goodies and here is a sneak peek...
Make Up Brush Set & Holder

Le Gorgeous Brushes! A must have right?

Now these little disposable beauties appealed to the therapist in me. They are great for make up artists and salons who do bridal make up and/or special ocassion make up.

How great would it be to give each of your clients their own disposable set? The best is you can cost it into your make up treatment ... no mess ... no fuss!

For more info:
Twitter: @C_olourburst