The sun is one of man biggest enemies; it is a silent killer …how? SKIN CANCER

A common misperception is that we need only wear a protective sun cream when going out to sit in the sun, this is very wrong and often results in skin cancers and skin carcinoma’s later in life.

It is super important to wear sun protection everyday in order to protect exposed skin, this not only aids in preventing skin cancers but also helps to prevent premature ageing … (yes please!)

Today I want to share with you a lovely Sun Cream that I have been testing by Dermaceutic


So here is what I thought ...


The packaging is an airtight pump which allows for metered out doses of cream, it makes it super easy to use even if your hands are full of cream and ensures the longevity of the product. The packaging itself is in the colour coded white and in this case neon yellow/orange colour … colour appropriate for a sun product.

The fragrance has that typical zinc oxide and sun creams, there is no perfume or anything of the like.

The texture is a slightly thicker off white cream which spreads evenly and definitely leaves a film on the skin. I must be honest and say that I am a ‘shine phobe’ and because of this I always use a setting powder after my foundation when applying a separate sin care product.

This product is super effective at protecting the skin, it is however filmogenic but does not feel sufficating in any way. As with all DERMACEUTIC products I had to phase this into my normal daily routine.

What you should know ...
this priduct contains natural mineral filters , hyuloronic acid to hydrate the skin And has none Iif the nasty preservatives usually found in sunscreens.

You need this for summer ladies!

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