It takes a lot for me to say that I have found a product unlike any other, seriously though today's product is a first and a definite winner!


So here is what I thought ....
Packaging -
This product comes in a sleek clean lined tube with REN'S well know simple but elegant colour coded bands ... In this case indicating it's a product for all skin types.
I love that all the active oils come in beautiful glass pumps.

Fragrance -
Being an all natural , green and bunny friendly range makes all the products smells and Aron's even more unique , why? .... Well because it's the oils and ingredients you Re smelling and not a synthetic fragrance.

Texture -
It comes out rather lumpy looking like a grainy balm in a greenish colour. Once you spread it over the skin it feels almost gritty but again looks like a balm, once you add water the crystals in the balm melt and you find it becomes a milky liquid on the skin.

Efficacy -
The product is meant to be applied with circular motions over the skin for a few minutes , you are then too wet your hands and rub over the product adding more water if you need to. The water is the catalyst which activates the Vitamin C which then surges out to give you a beautiful boost and glow, you leave this on the son for 1 minute and then rinse and tadaaa ! You will have the most amazing skin ...seriously!

I am in love with this product and I rue the day my tube comes to an end but until then I will relish using this treat every 3 days as recommended. I have never seen anything quite like this product and I am truly blown away!

** just a little note , be aware that this is Vitamin C and therefore any open pimples or cuts may sting a little on the water activation ... This does however help heal these little lumps and bumps quicker though.

Available at selected Woolworths Stores

Ren are a green friendly , no nasties , tree hugger  friendly range which makes me super happy *tee hee* , here's a little more on their philosophy ..

For more Info visit:
Tel: 021 554 2931
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