Have you ever considered a #StayCation or a #CityEscape? Nope neither had I until I was recently invited by City Lodges to  spend a night at the City Lodge Pinelands in Cape Town.

I live about give or take 45km's from Pinelands but be that as it may , the anticipation for a one night get away was amazing. I am a single gal and so it is always nice to be able to invite my friends to come along and have some fun with me.

On this particular getaway I invited a longtime friend of  mine Estie, and the two of us rushed home from work and packed our suitcases ...were going on holiday (yes it really felt like we were going to a far away place) , we set off and headed for the leafy suburbs of Pinelands.

As we arrived after a short 25 minute drive , we decided to check in at the hotel before exploring our options for dinner, darkness was closing in and we want to get settled and freshen up a little.
The ladies at reception were super friendly , courteous and helpful with checking us in , showing us the cafe and explaining how breakfast works... before pointing us in the right direction towards our room .

Did I mention that there was fresh homemade lemonade at reception that you could sip on and just rehydrate a little.
We made our way to our room , we freshened up and unpacked ready for our pamper evening when we got back. Heading out to find a restaurant the lovely concierge called is over and gave us a map to a little venue I had enquirer about 'talk about going the extra mile' , it was at this point that she also helped me connect to CITY LODGES free 1 hour wi-fi for later ... And we were off.
For dinner we could either head out to Grand West Casino for a glam evening out, or alternately visit the local shopping centre called the Howard Centre, we choose the latter.

The HOWARD CENTRE had four options for dinner namely JOE FISH a seafood restaurant , PIZZERIA VILLAGIO an Italian restaurant, also SIMPLY ASIA and lastly the good ole trusty SPUR and being true South Africans we choose the CINCINNATI SPUR( sad I know but I'm a sucker for a cheddarmelt sauce).

After dinner we made our way home and proceeded to pamper ourselves from head to toe ... Such a relaxing treat.

The next morning we woke up pretty early and surprised ourselves when at 7.30am we were both wide awake , I ever so ceremoniously opened the curtains and nearly jumped when suddenly I realized there was a 'hole' ( yes, this City Lodge is adjacent to Mowbray Golf Course) and a few golfers right outside our window. I must say it is lovely to look out over the lush green golf course.

 We showered and got ready for breakfast ... a full breakfast 'the likes of which were yummy' and the options endless.
I personally took full advantage , sampling some fruit  and yoghurt ...followed by an English breakfast ...nom nom nom.....look for yourself!

So here is what I thought ...

Accomodation: we had twin beds which were super comfortable with crisp white linens and the cutest towel animals in the room ... Thank you Lindiwe.

Bathroom: spacious and very clean , included both a bath and shower , it was great to see that even the amenity products were Eco-Friendly.

Minibar: not included , however there was tea and coffee as well as a mini kettle on hand , great for your early morning fix.

Concierge: super efficient , friendly and helpful above and beyond the normal requirements.

Cafe: The cafe is spacious with both table and chair seating as well as booths in the more relaxed lounge/dining area.The staff are super speedy with their service , friendly and honestly I could've kissed out waiter when approached us with coffe as we sat down.

The breakfast was a full breakfast buffet and the selection was once again fresh and impressive, even for me who is one of those dreaded 'banters'.

As we left after our fabulous night at CITY LODGE PINELANDS where we sent on our way with lovely rusks (just look at the cute coffee cup with it's humour)  and I just couldn't resist take a pic of our MANKINI room key (too flippin funny for words).
Activities in the area:

Historical explorations ..
We went on a lovely cruise around Pinelands exploring the old village with all the 'english ' inspired homes , this area is steeped in English/British history and just driving along the tree lined avenues you get a glimpse of gorgeous houses from a bygone era.
There is even a well known Post Box on the Mead standing as lone reminder of a bygone Victorian Era ..

For the creative spirit ...
There is the local treasure trove of craft supplied and all things 'packaging' known as MERRY PAK.
I personally am a creative and crafter who could just get lost in this space for hours at a time.
Merry Pak does have a coffee shop but in all honesty I have not had the best service and often they have run out of items on the menu (the coffee shop I believe is outsourced).

Here is a glimpse at what you can find at MERRY PAK ...
Still not impressed? Well how does a little Retail Therapy sound??

Shop till you drop ...
On the previous evening we had spotted a few fabulous shops at the HOWARD CENTRE that we just had to revisit the next day when they were open.
The shop that caught my eye hands down is called Ancient Routes , here is a glimpse at what store owner CAROL HAILEY had on offer ..
For more info , contact Carol Hailey on:
Email: villamalutka@hotmail.com
Tel: 021 531 9882

Estie and I had such fun and as you can see , what in effect was a one night #CityEscape seemed like a full blown vacation , we headed home with happy hearts and relaxed sighs.

Thank you CITY LODGE for a fabulous one night #CityEscape.

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