As I have previously mentioned this brand is rather unique both in concept and in presentation, yet again I have the pleasure of sharing another fabulous product from this brand.

LIPIDOL is a brand that has been eight years in the making and refining a process which has much input from scientists recruited by EVOLABS worldwide
LIPIDOL as brand focuses on using oils as a natural barrier to keep moisture in the skin whilst protecting the bodies natural oil barrier or 'acid mantle' which acts a natural shield against bacterial invasion.

What I love about this brand is that their focus is on keeping the product as natural as possible , they make use of aromatherapy oils to fragrance and enhance the products actions and benefits.

The packaging has only the printing on it that is required by law , all other branding is moulded product does not come in a box but rather a sealed transparent plastic packet, allowing for recycling and saving our trees ... at the same time making the most of showing ff the attractive packaging and appealing oils inside.

The range is super affordable at R79.95 a product across the board and is available at CLICKS stores country wide.

So here is what I thought ...

Is the transparent bottle filled with a golden green oil , it is very appealing with it's unique easy grip lid making it a cinch to use in the shower whilst the bottle itself is cubby enough to hold without it slipping out of your hands.

In this oil they have used the essential oil of lime to give the product it's fragrance and uplifting action. The product was designed so as to have an initial burst of fragrance and then to leave a soft hint of freshness on the skin. ( to me lime always smells and reminds me of the lime wine gums ).

Is a medium viscosity oil which smoothes over the skin whilst wet give a light lather and milkyness , this oil is water soluble and rinses off effortlessly leaving the skin hydrated and clean but not stripped of it's natural hydration.

I have found both of the LIPIDOL products that I have tested to be super effective , highly desirable and fabulous on the pocket. I love that my dry skin never feels tight and/or uncomfortable and that I get to shower in clouds of 'lime green wine gums = happiness' yes I am a lime freak!

I am truly loving the LIPIDOL range of products and really would like to try out the FACE OIL next and at R79.95 it sure is affordable.

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