Lipids are also known as oil based molecules and form an integral part of the humans natural 'acid mantle' on the skin .. In layman's terms the skins natural protection barrier that is pH in nature in order to kill bacteria nod form a protective layer on the skin.

I recently received a bottle of a brand new product to South Africa known as LIPIDOL , yes you guessed it ... It restores the oil barrier on the skin. I have not yet attended the launch (watch this space) I have however had a chance to try the LIPIDOL AFTER SHOWER BODY OIL which I received as part of my invite.

                                                LIPIDOL AFTER SHOWER BODY OIL

So here is what I thought ...
Packaging -
Is simple and clean as is the entire line. The transparent bottle allows you to easily see the product and the fact that the focus is on the product not the packaging ... The simplicity of the packaging actually stimulates the desire to want to try the product (reminds me a little of CK1 Fragrance when it was first launched).

Fragrance -
It has none.

Texture -
This is a medium weight oil, that hydrates the skin and leaves a definite moist , soft residue ( to me it important that it is applied onto a damp skin to aid the absorption of the oil). Although you are initially aware of the oil on your skin it soon disappears after an hour or so leaving the skin hydrated, moist with not a dry patch , scale or flake in sight.

Efficacy -
It is a fabulous skin hydrating oil , it hydrates and restores moisture levels on the surface of the skin without interfering with your fragrance. It is not as light weight as a dry oil but on a par with Bio-Oil(read more) and the likes. I have really enjoyed seeing this product in my bathroom and actually combined using it after showering with my Avon Foaming Shower Oil ... Yes oil and oil (my skin needs it)

I am really enjoying this product and it is amazing how I am getting used to using oils , my skin really loves them. I have all but gotten rid of my acid bumps on my arms , my stretch marks have improved remarkably ....try it , you'll love it

This product is launching in SA ...

Retails from ZAR 79.00
Available Exclusively at CLICKS STORES from September 2014

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