Recently I was really pampered with a visit to Spoilt Hair & Nails for the most fabulous hair makeover it was the prelude to whole new era of taking care of my hair and repairing the damage that has been done over time.

Today however I want to share the fabulous hair products that I received a week or so before I had my hair 'did' , they are a first for me in the hair product world... introducing INOAR BB CREAM...


So here is what I thought ...
Packaging -
These products come in the prettiest pink and white bottles which look like little milk bottles. What's even more fabulous is that you need to twist the lid which reveals a hole in the top of the bottle through which you can squeeze your product. It is the ultimate 'no mess , no fuss' packaging and ideal for in the shower ... I love it!

Fragrance -
Inoar BB CREAM is very reminiscent of Coty's Fragrance called Exclamation (well to me anyway) it is slightly sweet , slightly powdery, very feminine and makes the hair smell lovely.

Texture -
Is a medium viscosity shampoo in a pale pink pearlescent pink colour.

Efficacy -
This product is supposed to be the equivalent of a beauty balm but for the hair , repairing damaged cuticles , nourishing , adding shine and detangling. Whilst those promises are all good and I really enjoyed the shampoo I did feel with my hair initially that it was not reallmaking a difference.
I pushed through and continued using the product as my friend Charlene from Pretty Please Charlie had raved about the product and we have very similar locks. To my astonishment about a week after using it every second day I suddenly found that my hair wasn't as dry at the ends and my hair felt super clean and had great body and bounce at the roots.

I am so glad I persevered with this product and I am truly loving it now , always remember that there is no quick fixes for what took an eternity to damage ...persevere.

Texture -
This is a thick and creamy white conditioner that applies easily on the hair , does not weigh the hair down , but does need to be left on the hair for at least five minutes in order to see the full benefit. It leaves the hair soft but bouncy and light, I wouldn't say it helps with controlling wild curls but the. It doesn't claim to.

Efficacy -
I found that this conditioner was quite light and although it was adequate to leave the hair soft , it did not help much with controlling my unruly curls. I did find that I needed to use an additional leave in conditioner.

Overall I really enjoyed the INOAR BB CREAM products , it was fun trying out something new and getting to try another international hair brand (originates from Brazil).

For more info visit:
INA ERASMUS: +27 (0) 79 885 3543
HENDRIEN KRUGER: +27 (0) 82 808 0508

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