Do you remember those scenes on TV back in the day of the Swiss Alps and Heidi happily running in the long grass with the goats ...drinking fresh milk And just generally leading a super relaxed and peaceful life in the mountains ...sigh !

Yes I still dream of a log cabin in the woods by a stream  but sadly that is not my current reality ... One day though , one day! Those visions are however what my mind conjured up when I recently received a product called the Midlands Hydrating Shower Cream , enriched with Midlands Milk and Honey ( cue Heidi ... Tee hee).

The Midlands Hydrating Shower Cream is part of a new range of products developed by the Beauty Factory in South Africa , based on a series of local sources throughout South Africa or otherwise abbreviated as ZA. This lovely range of products is soon to be available at Edgar's Red Square and what even better is it is super affordable and therefore budget friendly.


So here is what I thought ...
Packaging -

It comes packaged in a chocolate brown chubby tube with a flip top cap got ease of use. The label is quite a busy label showing the roots and origin of the ingredients based on the ZA REPUBLIC inspired theme. I must be honest and say I found this a lagging quite masculine in appearance.

Fragrance -
Is such a soft , yummy and sweet milky smell ... I love it!

Texture -
Is like a thick stodgy yoghurt , but a little goes a long way and it spread me it looks just like white yoghurt curds ... Love it!

Efficacy -
It is a shower gel and yes it does leave you clean and sweet smellin.
Would I use this again? ..... Oooh definitely it looks and smells like home to me.

The Beauty Factory describes the Midlands as ...
'A veritable land of milk and honey where everything thrives. The animals feasting so well that the cows have the creamiest milk , the chickens the most yellow yolks from free rage living and the bees buzz contentedly making some do the finest and sweetest honey.'

Retails for ZAR R49.90

Other products in the Midlands Milk and Honey range are as follows:

- Midlands Yoghurt Body Butter
- Midlands Yoghurt Body Scrub
- Midlands Hand Wash
- Midlands Hand & Body Lotion

For more info :
Available at an Edgars Red Square near you ..... soon!

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