Recently I was sent some of the most awesome Ren products to try and to test on my skin ,I have already reviewed the REN EXPRESS 3-in-1 Make Up Remover  as well as the REN FLASH RINSE .

Today I want to share the basic 3 step skin care routine that anyone can adapt to their skins personal needs by simply choosing the product suited to your skin type/concern ...

1 - An eye product
The eye area is a circular muscle known as the 'orbicularis occuli' this muscle works over time in giving expression to the eye area and also opening and closing the eyelids. (In other words this is the sucker that can make you look old before your time) it is therefore super important to start an anti-aging regime on this area as early as possible .... Yes prevention is better than cure!


This is a cute and slender white airless pump (15ml), that pumps out metered doses of his light and fluffy eye cream. I found I needed one pump per eye but I do apply to the brow area as well as under the eye.

Ren is a natural product range and as such the fragrances are derived from the actual plant ingredients themselves , there are no perfumes . It is a soft light and slightly feminine aroma.

Is supe light and fluffy and it disappears into my skin n a matter of seconds.

I have loved using this product , I never once experienced a sting in my eye or red eyes and if anything it actually helped reduce the puffiness around my eye area from my sinus allergies I have at this time of the year.

It retails for ZAR 410.00

2 - A skin serum or active
This kind of product is a must after the age of 30years , it gives an added kick to your skin care routine , it can target specific skin care concerns and can be tailored to suit your skins requirements as they change with seasons and/or hormones.


Is a transparent glass pump (30ml) with a gorgeous golden coloured oil inside , again I want to emphasize this brands focus on natural ingredients which is enhanced by this beautiful packaging.

The fragrance is as a result of the active essential oils within this drum , I can definitely pick up the aroma's of both rose and geranium which are fabulous for hydrating , balancing and anti-inflammatory ... Nature is so very clever.

The texture is of a medium viscosity oil , a little goes an extremely long way. One pump managed to cover my entire face and décolleté area easily.

For me I find aromatherapy oils become almost addictive to both the skin and the nose , this in turn calms and soothes the mind ... it's almost like psychological comfort food.
My skin loved it and so did I , I slept well and found my body craving the smell at bed time.

Retails for ZAR 750.00

3 - Treatment Cream or  Moisturiser
Your skin needs all the protection and hydration it can get , but as we get older it also requires things like evening out skin tone , lightening pigmentation , anti-aging etc.
This product does all three in one.


This cream comes in a frosted airless pump which provides metered out doses of cream. You will note that most of these products come in glass containers , that is mainly due to the activity of the plant ingredients , essential oils are also know for corroding plastic due to their potency.
This s quite a heavy product and not really practical for travel.

This product has a crushed plant smell , it contains bio-retinol which adds to the plant aroma which is not unpleasant in any way.

This is an off white coloured cream which when applied to dry skin can go quite white until it has penetrated. The cream is initially a bit tacky on the skin but as it penetrates the tackiness disappears and you are left with a smooth , soft and silky skin.

My skin really loves this cream , it has evened out my complexion and I am sure over time and with regular use it will all but eliminate the little bit of pigmentation I have. It keeps my skin plump and firm and I really am loving it.

It retails for ZAR 710.00

So there you have it the 'full Monty' on my 3 step routine with Ren Skin Care. Ren are Eco friendly , natural , no nasties and tree huger friendly .... You just can't lose.

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