This ladies and gentlemen is an eye product to be reckoned with MULTIVITAMIN POWER FIRM is unique , super effective and worth clawing for (oops ... did I really say that?)

When I got this product as a gift I let out a little squeal as I had heard so many great things about it , even Jonathan Boynton Lee uses it gals ( I heard it myself in DERMALOGICA'S #GetNaked campaign vid ...uh huh!).

I love it and so I want to share what a fab find it is with you ...

So here is what I thought ...
Packaging -
It is the typical packaging for the DERMALOGICA  Age Smart range of silver , black and white with the red coloured Age Smart Band. It comes in a 15ml Foil type tube with an elongated nozzle for easy application.

Texture - 
This is a rather unique texture in that it looks and feels 'balmy' but is super refined and leaves a silky film on the application area, this is mainly due to the natural silicones that are in the product which protect the fragile skin forming a barrier between the elements and this delicate skin.

Fragrance - 
It smells like mixed berries , almost good enough to eat .. importantthou gh is that there is NO FRAGRANCES in these products.

Efficacy - 
To say I am addicted is an understatement , this little number gets packed along with me DERMALOGICA HAND CREAM ( read review) before I even pack my toothpaste and undies ... yep it's dynamite. There is even a little secret ...shhhhhhhhh! but you can use this product around the mouth area too it!

- Natural Silicones
- Antioxidants
- Vitamin E & C
- Vitamin A (Retinol)
- Seaweed Extract

Handy Hint:
Apply this product before your concealer stick to give you a smooth even and longlasting application.

Disclosure Ranking 2 - (Please refer to my disclosure ranking in the side bar)