Today five favourites come out of the heart of my favourite beauty routine and my belief in 'healthy skin' practices .. in other words the products that have definite health benefits to your skin.

Healthy skin needs to be clean , have products that allow the skin to breathe andit is important to have as little contact as possible between your hands and your face in order to avoid the transferral of bacteria.

So let's unpack it a little ...

Ren's Express Make Up Remover
Is ideal for both eyes and face, it has a milky consistency and a little goes a long way. This product is ideal for travelling and for those who like an 'all in one cleanser'. I have been using this as a 'dissolve make-up and rinse off type cleanser' , however you can use and it is recommended that this cleanser be used with cotton pads.READ MY FULL REVIEW
I am loving this product but do still use my cleansing butter in between.

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter
I love, love, love the consistency of this product , the smell is agmazing and it really leaves my skin happy and hydrated. It applies as an oil and dissolves into water making it easy to rinse off. READ MY FULL REVIEW

Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing Cream
I have fallen in love with this product , it is lightweight but hydrating , you can apply your serums and eyeproducts under it without feeling weighed down and your skin remains comfortable all day ... it's a comfort product ... you know a feeling akin to 'coming home after a week away'.

For the most natural make-up and the best application the following are irreplaceable ...

Oxygenetix Foundation
This product is the first ever breathable foundation , it s weightless on the skin , gives great coverage and does not leave your skin shiny at all. READ MY FULL REVIEW

Burst Studio's FD05 Stipple Foundation Brush
I recieved this precious gem of a brush at the firts #CPTBloggerMeet and it has not left my side since. This brush applies foundation like a dream , it is easy to use , blends well and you can shampoo it once a week to ensure that it is hygienic with no creepy crawlies (which is a must).

So you see you can find products that are great for the skin and healthy to boot!

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