It's no secret that in this modern day world with our hectic lifestyle that we don't seem to get enough vitamins. 

What can we do about it and how do we actually know whether we are getting the right vitamins for our body?
The Doctors at Skin Renewal had the following to say ....
'Technology and the fast paced world that we live in allow us to experience a whole lot more than previous generations were able to enjoy. There are unfortunately also many factors that contribute to a more stressful and harmful environment for us to live in, which can ultimately damage our health.

Perhaps the most compromised in these modern times is the food that we eat. Years ago food provided the nutrition we needed, exactly the way mother nature intended, but today a lot of our food is highly processed, genetically modified, affected by pollution and unfortunately not providing us with the nutrients that we need. Poor food preparation adds to this challenge.
Did you know that stress is top of the list of factors impacting our health - it takes an enormous toll on the body and results in numerous illnesses and poor quality of life..

The body requires high quality nutrients to achieve and maintain good health. What some may consider a good health plan will in many cases be insufficient to remain healthy. 

If a look at a personal case in point I have a friend whose vegetable group consists of carrots , peas , potatoes and very little else... not sufficient to get all her vitamins and especially lacking in the green leafy vegetable.

Fortunately many of these factors can be minimised by taking dietary supplements - products intended for ingestion that contain a dietary ingredient that adds further nutritional value to the food diet. These may include vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids and other essential ingredients.

Dietary supplements may be found in many forms – some help ensure that you get an adequate dietary intake of essential nutrients; others may help you reduce your risk of disease. However it is important to note that balance is essential, as well as supplements that are approved by your doctor.

** Did you know that in South Africa it has been reputed that nearly 90% of Fish Oil supplements are rancid on purchase? Yes it's true, many of the'gel' capsules are not airtight and thus the oils go rancid.
Health Renewal is made up of a number of Doctor's all specialist in their fields, they are specifically there to assess your bodies own personal health, even better is that they are prepared to go the extra mile in helping to ensure that you achieve optimum health and overall wellbeing.
At Health Renewal, the practice of integrative medicine (an approach that uses hormonal restoration and nutraceutical supplementation to prevent diseases, before they even begin) is firmly built on a patient-specific evaluation. A detailed clinicical history and examination, as well as blood tests and stool analysis or CDSA (Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis) will give the doctors a precise guideline on which deficits or problems exist in the body. These deficiencies will then be corrected with the necessary nutraceuticals (supplementation), lifestyle changes, traditional medication and if needed intra venous (IV) detoxification. A holistic, specialised approach to attaining ultimate health and wellbeing.

The dietary supplements that the team of medical doctors at Health Renewal include as a part of the overall health plan are natural, top quality, science-based nutritional supplements.

The team is constantly kept up to date with developments in this area, to ensure that only the best products are prescribed to clients to achieve maximum results.

When the average person stands in front of the supplement counter in the supermarket, it is hard to know what is needed and which product is best. You may be selecting the wrong product for your condition, resulting in an ineffective and expensive exercise without much improvement. The quality of all products is not the same, and without proper insight, it is hard to know which product ranges deliver best results. For these reasons it is advisable to get yourself assessed by a professional to ensure that what you take on a daily basis, works hardest for you.

To avoid making the wrong decisions about your supplement selection, book your assessment with one of the functional doctors at Health Renewal. Contact Health Renewal on 0861 754 672 or visit

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