So you think you know that Salon right? WRONG!!

I have been in the skin care industry for going on 22 years now and I can honestly share some horror stories from the days of doing traing to that of actually running and managing salons and spa's. It is so very important to get to know the salon or spa you are visiting and here are a few guidelines that are suggested to help you along the way ...

With the growing demand of services or skin, hair and body, beauty salons and spa's are mushrooming all over the country from quaint little spaces to the huge multi level spa's as seen internationally.Each establishment claiming they offer the very best at affordable prices. 

Is this always the case? Unfortunately not. 
Not all of these service providers have the proper qualifications, expertise or proficiency in this field. It is therefore so important for you the customer to become more educated and aware when choosing the right beauty salon. 

The South African Association of Health and SkincareProfessionals (SAAHSP) is the mouthpiece for the beauty profession, ensuring skills and standards are maintained. The organisation gives the following pointers to look out for when selecting a salon to perform your treatments:
  • The first step is to check out the salon or spa services and pricelist or visit the website to get a better feel of what the business is about and what it has to offer. In most instances, if there is no website, this usually provides you with a good indication of the business’ professionalism, or, in this case, lack thereof. If the salon or spa invests in marketing and branding, you are usually assured that the business is taken seriously and run professionally.
  • Investigate the range of services the spa or salon is offering, and whether they are professional.
  • Verify the quality of services and expertise of professionals – ask enough questions. Make sure professional products are being used, retailed and branded and that the therapist qualifications are displayed. The employees need to be trained and experience professionals or you are placing yourself at risk.
  • The salon should be properly stocked with professional brands on display in the reception area, which should be open and welcoming. First impressions count – if the signage outside is not appealing and professional looking, and the salon is located in a dodgy area, don’t even bother taking a step inside. Also check to see if there are any other customers around – this is a sure telltale sign whether the establishment is popular or not.
  • The salon or spa should also be properly equipped with the necessary beauty equipment and the facilities cleanly maintained and hygienic. Sanitation and sterilization procedures would be obvious in a good salon. The appearance of the therapists – how they are dressed and groomed - as well as the efficiency of how the salon is run – do they keep to appointments, are you attended to immediately and offered something to drink while waiting, do you get to fill in a client consultation form on arrival? -  also give a good indication of the professionalism of the salon or spa.
  • Cost of treatments can sometimes steer you away from asking all the right questions, because you are getting the treatments at such a steal. Beware, remember once the damage has been done to your face or body by having a treatment performed by an unqualified therapist, it will end up costing you far more to rectify, and, in some cases, may leave you scarred for life. The best approach is to investigate the services and prices from a variety of facilities in your area to ensure you are not being ripped off, but also are paying for quality treatments.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, trust your instincts – in most cases, if you are feeling uneasy, your gut is right. Rather take the time, do more research and make the right decision for yourself and your body.

SAAHSP have very strict rules and guideline which help to keep this industry that I love so much on the straight and narrow ... and rightly so.


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