Please share a little about yourself and what inspired you to create this brand?
I took a break from the corporate world to concentrate on my role as a wife and mother of three. Although I had always had a passion for all things pretty, whilst travelling my love affair with accessories was formed. I am incredibly passionate about customer service and wanted to create a glamorous & exciting brand which would combine the two.

How would you describe your brand in a nutshell?

At Shimmer we remain dedicated to offering premium quality imitation jewellery at a price that is affordable to every woman. We believe that accessories should be as distinct & stylish as you are and be a reflection of your personality.

What would you consider to be unique about your brand?

A brand is more than just a logo (which we have recently revamped). It is essentially what people think (and feel) about us. This is where outstanding customer service plays a vital role –the lifeblood of any business! Our Shimmer collections combine modern trends with classic styles. Whether you want to show off your designer sense of style with the latest fashion must-haves or polish up your working wardrobe, our collections are chosen with the utmost care and attention to ensure you’ll always look your best.

How many stores/branches do you have and where are they located?

Our head office is situated in the beautiful Cape Town, and our independent consultants are spread all over South Africa. And very exciting – we have recently launched our online store too!

What ‘piece of advice’ would you most like to share with people considering a start -up business?

Starting a new business involves many unknowns. From financials to market research, there are many external channels that must fall into place for everything to work. When things get hard, passion and purpose carry you through. You are the only person who can make your business dreams come true - no one will do it for you. Get out there and make it happen!

The challenge as a business is to stay authentic and true to your brand, how do you achieve this?

All business owners need to re-evaluate the customers changing needs and values from time-to-time and readjust if necessary. You need to be stubborn and flexible. Stubborn on your vision, and flexible on the details.

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?

There is huge job satisfaction in doing something that you love. Each day is filled with new opportunities to challenge my abilities, skills and determination. Obviously the flexible work schedule is a huge benefit – I am able to shop in low-peak hours (yay!) and support my children from the sidelines at the various school functions. Don’t be mistaken – these hours otherwise engaged need to be returned twofold which means that I often spend late nights behind the computer while everyone sleeps. But because I love what I do, I don’t consider work to be actual work.

What has your journey so far taught you {about yourself or in general}? Has it changed your life in any way?

As a whole, I have grown and developed enormously. Finding a work-home balance was tricky at first, but once I found my rhythm it was beneficial to both Shimmer and the Thabet household.

How does the future look as far as ‘dreams and visions’ for your brand?

We have a few exciting projects lined up for the next couple of months and it is thrilling to see results from all the blood, sweat and tears. Stay tuned! 



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