As we slowly emerge after a cold winter of dry flakey skin and lily white bits, I have suddenly realized that I have some awesome products to test and try that might just make this skin a tad more bearable ...yep products that will hydrate and nourish what now looks like a desert.

Note to self: #prioritisemyskin

Today I want to share fabulous shower product that I was given by Avon called the SKIN SO SOFT FOAMING SHOWER OIL, it's a new concept to try and get your head around , but I assure you that it is worth the try ...

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pink flip top cap. It is a sturdy design to be able to stand in the shower. It is tactical , easy to use and because it's transparent you can keep an eye on the level of your product at all times.

Fragrance -
Is super sweet and a little overpowering , I really can't say in good faith that I enjoyed the fragrance at all. It did however improve in the shower when the water diluted the product and left behind a softer fragrance.

Texture -
The texture is that of a thick and viscous oil .... to me it looked almost like glycerine. The foaming shower oil does contain natural butters and castor oil, which give it this thick transparent look. I absolutely loved this foaming shower oil and am still using it ( it would be nice to have a few fragrance options).

Efficacy -
Being a shower product and oil based I found it super easy to use , it lathered over my skin in a rather dense foam and rinsed off leaving the skin soft ... No really !
It leaves the skin super soft and a little goes a long way and it is ideal to use on a net mousse sponge.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone and especially shower lovers like me , it is super affordable and great for the skin.

What you might like to know is that it contains the following ...
- Glycerin
- Castor Oil
- Sweet Almond Oil
- Shea Butter Extract

For more information contact :
Avon Website
To Find a distributor near you:  CLICK HERE
Customer Care Line: 0860 10 23 45