It's quite the trend these days to have a cleanser that requires no water and or no rinsing, is this new?

No, the idea of a Micellar solution may be new on the market, however waterless cleansing dates way back to when there was no fresh water for bathing in households and/or suburban areas that recorded the water as contaminated or unsuitable for human consumption ...

Once again proving that women and beauty shall always prevail! Let's take a clsoer look at Filorga's latest offering ... 

So here is what I thought ...

It come in a chunky 400ml opaque plastic bottle with a chunky white flip top cap. The bottle has the simplistic printing and look as you will have come to expect if you are familiar with Filorga , especially as it fall within the category of cosmeceutical skin care.

It has none that the nose can detect in particular.

Is that of water , it is also a colorless liquid which makes it resemble water ever more so , rather appropriate considering 'miscellaneous solution' also means cleansing water.

This product needs to be used with cotton pads which are soaked and used to wipe away dirt and make up , the process is to be repeated until the cotton pads come up clean.

I found myself to be a little impatient when using this cleansing system late at night, ... however I persevered and it has been worth it.
I have found that this solution leaves my skin soft and still feeling hydrated , there is no greasiness or itching/tingling which makes it a winner for 'overnighting' or going away for  a weekend.
The best part  ... It's anti-ageing ... Whoohooo!

What does this product contain as active ingredients?
Rhamnose - triggers regeneration and soothes and reduces inflammation on the skin
Actif Hydratant
Trehalose - which is great for actively storing moisture.

I have really enjoyed using this product, especially as you can use it on both the face and the eyes. If you are a Micellar fan you will love this!

It retails for ZAR 360.00 (for 400ml , super economical compared to others)

Available at selected Edgars and Red Square store.

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