I am a huge supporter of companies that advocate better life for women and girls ,and by now you all know that I am an avid fan of RAIN so when these two meet it can only mean one thing ... I support them whole heartedly!!                                                            
RAIN are hosting a HIGH TEA  in order to raise funds which RONEL BOTES of RAIN SPA DIVISION describes as follows:

This is to benefit RAIN'S factory staff in Swellendam their daughters and girls from the comunity that attend the local school in Railton. RAIN hopes to provide as many as possible girls with panties and re-washable pads (manufactured by SUBZ) and ensure that these young ladies are able to stay in school all year round

Please feel free to book a table as every R195 ticket provides one girl child with a 5 year supply, ensuring that she stays in school.
To book your ticket:

RAIN promises to entertain you, feed you and lavish you with gifts to the value of ...more than R195 whilst you get the opportunity to make a difference in a girl childs life for 5 years.
“educate a women and you educate a nation. Educate a man, you educate a man!” unkown

Here is a little more info on SUBZ ...
• The panty is 100% cotton therefore allowing the skin to breathe.
• The elastic is non-woven, rubber based and therefore will not stretch out of shape.
• The sanitary towel is absorbent and will hold up to 25 – 30mls of discharge.
• The sanitary towel is fully washable therefore reusable.
• The panty and sanitary towel are made of 100% cotton fabrics therefore will last as long as a t-shirt does.
• The pad contains no gels or absorbent chemicals and is totally biodegradable.
• It is a “green peace” product, and being biodegradable will not clog landfills
• The pad clips onto the panty as the girls don’t even have panties. The panties can be worn then the girls are not menstruating.
• SABS Approved / Patented / Gynae and Pharmacist endorsed.
• Bags for soiled pads provided. 

Ever wondered how you can make a difference? 
Book your ticket today , not only do you get spoilt, but you are supporting our local community fundraisers too ...

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