A foundation formulated exclusively for physicians and professionals?
A foundation that breathes ?
An oxygenating foundation ?

These are all common exclamations you may here when discussing the world's first breathable foundation called OXYGENETIX.

So why exactly would you need OXYGENETIX?
OXYGENETIX was developed for patients and clients who were having active cosmetic procedures such as skin peels. Normally after a treatment such as a peel you would experience a certain amount of discoloration to the skin , redness and even blotchy patches ...normally you would not be able to apply any foundation onto the skin for at least 24 hours let alone post treatment.

That has changed with this revolutionary foundation , not only does it breathe, it also does not affect the skin post treatment but it actually encourages the healing process of the skin. What is even more impressive is that it was developed for a post cosmetic therapy treatment and as such has a unique Aloe gel base and the Ceravite Pro-Oxygen complex, making it weightless on the skin and giving sufficient coverage to help even out skin tone and reduce blotchiness.

OXYGENETIX continues to impress by it's formulation of colours/shades to suit every skin tone , in both yellow skin tones and blue skin tones a variety of colours which is usually sorely lacking in many a cosmetic make up brand.

What are the benefits of using OXYGENETIX Oxygenating Foundation?

- it has a light breathable formula
- 24 hr oxygen  uptake by the skin which Allows for better healing
- complete , yet natural looking coverage
- tested to be safe against bacteria , allergies and sensitivity
- does not form blackheads
- ideal for traumatized and sensitive skin
- contains a broad spectrum UVA/ UVB sunscreen with an SPF25
- 24hr hydration thanks to natural moisturisers

Recently I visited the Chelsea Aesthetic Centre in Wynberg (Cape Town) for a fabulous DERMACEUTIC SKIN PEEL (read my review) and I received  the OXYGENETIX Oxygenating Foundation as part of my homecare/post treatment care.

So here is what I thought ...

Is a measured pump dispenser in white , blue and silver. It is easy to use and super practical for both your make up bag and/or purse.

Is not much to speak of and rightly so , this is after all a post cosmetic treatment product.

Is a light superfine liquid , which smooths over the skin easily giving a medium to full coverage ( it was not as full a coverage as I expected) which quickly neutralized the post peel redness in my skin and gave me a gorgeous natural glow. The shade was a little to dark for me at this time of the year, but then I do have difficult as I already have naturally high colour( redness).

What I loved about this is that the product feels so light on the skin that I actually forgot I had applied it the one day and nearly did a second application ...ooops! ( tee hee)

This is a highly effective foundation and I found that the more I used it the more I liked it. It was great to be able to walk out after a peel and have a face that appears even toned , calm and radiant ... Fabulous.

I am still using this product and enjoying the look and feel of it on my skin. As someone who has regular peels, I can honestly say that this product is a true life saver and definitely worth it if you are investing in a course of peels.

Long term however this is a little pricey at ZAR 800 , but if you can ... Why not?
It is certainly far healthier for your skin.

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