Recently The Body Shop had an u to 50% off sale , I don't often get to spoil myself but this time around I made a point of purchasing a few products that I had been dying to try out.

One of these products was the SUMPTUOUS CAMOMILE CLEANSING BUTTER on which I had heard conflicting reviews.

So here is what I thought ...

Is a fabulous fat and rather flat vintage looking tin .... Love it! Add to this the simple yet elegant and soothing to the eye label with the prettiest camomile flowers ( which are related to daisies) .... All in all a rather appealing package.

Is heavenly , the camomile which is fair trade camomile and sourced from the UK  is a soft and feminine smell ( unlike our Cape Chamomile which can be quite powdery). I like it and would love a Moisturiser that smelled the same.

Is less buttery and more waxy , almost looking and feeling the same as coconut oil( very white and superfine). It smoothes over the skin beautifully and with my naturally hot hands a little goes a long way. My only disappointment was to see a synthetic wax listed amongst the ingredients.

This CLEANSING BUTTER just melts into the skin and soon sweeps up all the grime and make up of the day. I loved that when I added water the oil was soluble in water partially and I could see the water go milky and feel the grime wash off my face without leaving it feeling either dry or stripped. I wouldn't say it's a 100% effective at removing mascara but otherwise it does a fine job and leaves the skin soothed and comfortable.

Retails for approximately ZAR 140.00 (90ml)

Did you you know?
Only  ROMAN, GERMAN and CAPE CHAMOMILE contain a unique chemical constituent which is blue in colour and known as bisabilol which is a highly soothing , calming , sedative and natural analgesic plant ingredient.

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