So it's that time of the month again and time for the lovely NAIL TUTORIAL by guset contributor Michelle of ORDINARY MISFIT ...


Hi lovelies,

Can you believe I am back again?  Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday when I posted the June inspired look? I don’t mind, I love being able to take over here for a little bit – Thanks Heather! J

The image I used as inspiration for todays post looked like rainbow polka dots at first but when I looked closer I noticed they looked like polka dots with holes in the middle (or maybe itty bitty flowers?) Then the pattern it created looked like raindrops on a window.  Sooooo here are some rainbow raindrops.  Let me show you how I did it.

Polishes used:

Base:  Sinful Colors –  Easy going

Blue: Sinful Colors – Sweet nothing

Green: Sinful Colors – Pistache

Yellow: Sinful Colors – Unicorn

Pink: Sinful Colors – Cotton candy

Tools used:

2 different size dotting tools, one slightly smaller than the other (or whichever size you prefer) Remember if you don’t have a dotting tool you can use a toothpick, hair pin, pen cap or anything similar.

1. I started off with my base coat and 2 coats of Sinful Colors – Easy going on all my nails.  I didn’t want to use snow white so I decided on a slightly off white, cream colour.  Leave that to dry completely. 

2. I then use the bigger dotting tool and start with the blue colour and make random polka dots in a line.  Use only about a quarter of your nail to keep space for the rest of the colours.  Do the blue on all your nails and then do the next row in the green colour. 

3. Do the same below the green with the yellow 

4. And do the same with the pink.  If you want to use fewer colours you can use more space per colour. 

5. I then use the smaller dotting tool and the same colour as the base colour and make small polka dots inside / on top of the coloured polka dots.

6. Then I cleaned up and topcoated and done! 

7. What do you think?  I actually really loved the end result and I hope you do too.  It’s really so easy and I hope you give it a try.  I also really liked the soft colours with spring just around the corner. 

Thanks again so much for having me here.  It’s always such an honour.

Till next time…


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