Or rather busy with the bee's , yes RAIN have launched a fabulous 'rustic and rather vintage' looking range of products called BEE ESSENTIALS which include various ingredients from bees.

Did you know?
Bees are useful for a number of skin care and medicinal ingredients ..which do not involve the killing of bees but rather encourages the practice of farming bees ...

Bee's use a resin from poplar trees called propolis,this is a 'glue-like' substance used to mould,  form and seal the beehive. In humans it is used to fight off bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Research has shown that propolis relieves herpes simplex/cold sores, canker sores, sore throats and even eczema.

As well as the likes of these fabulous Bee ingredients ...
Nature's purest natural source of energy... honey, nature’s rejuvenation and restoration secret...royal jelly, and the richest source of amino acids in the natural world otherwise known as...bee pollen.

As you can see the bee is a virtual 'treasure trove' of nature and I was fascinated to come across a new Bee 'by product' used by RAIN known as ... HONEYQUAT
I know I'd never heard of it either!

HONEYQUAT: ' is a naturally derived quaternized conditioning agent made from honey with excellent moisture binding capabilities (far more powerful than glycerin) for use on skin and hair in both leave-on and rinse-off applications. It is substantive and moisturizing and with it's low molecular weight' SOURCE

RAIN had the following to say about their new range BEE ESSENTIALS ...

Africa is the original home of the honeybee and the skin-nourishing properties of honey have been known to cultures across the continent for thousands of years.
Bee Essentials combines various bee products with botanical extracts in an assortment of luxurious, nourishing balms, butters and scrubs, all patiently hand-crafted using traditional methods.

Bee Essentials contain the following as a base for their products, which treat anything from body to lips ...

Honey is packed with Vitamin B and C as well as amino acids and the essential minerals calcium, copper, magnesium and iron. It has powerful free radical scavenging properties due to phenolic and non-phenolic antioxidants. It promotes healthy skin, attracts moisture, soothes, softens and heals.
Beeswax forms the rich, creamy, moisturizing base of most of the range. This super-insulator acts both as a vehicle to carry moisture and botanical actives into the skin and as a highly effective barrier to seal them in.
Propolis is the substance bees use to seal their hives. It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, soothes inflammation and is ideal for treating burns, skin ailments and lacerations.

So don't miss out on trying these new 'little gems'
made right here in Africa and watch this space for a review or two , here's another sneak peek ...

Better run ladies they had already sold out of some of the goodies when I visited!

PS. Did you know they also use Bee Venom in place of Botox these days? Yep it's called Beetox and you can read all about it here .

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